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DISCLAIMER - The opinions posted on this site are submitted directly by the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas. All opinions submitted by the court are posted in the form received, and the Lycoming Law Association is not responsible for the content of any opinion or the decision to post any opinion, as all opinions received from the court are posted without editing or otherwise altering their content.  Any concerns regarding a posted opinion should be directed to the Judge who issued the opinion as the Association will not alter or remove an opinion without court direction.

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next Commonwealth vs. Daniels  (11.16.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Appeal; timeliness of petition for return of property.  (Daniels111617L)  (Posted: 11.16.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Portanova  (11.16.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; vehicle stop; validity of consent for blood draw; totality of the circumstances; voluntariness; requirement of Miranda warnings at the time of the blood draw.  (Portanova111617bt)  (Posted: 11.16.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Masker  (11.16.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; vehicle stop; validity of consent to blood test; Birchfield issue; need for police to inform driver of increased criminal penalties that will result depending on blood alcohol concentration; consent as product of an essentially free and unconstrained choice-not the result of duress or coercion; knowledge of right to refuse test.  (Masker111617bt)  (Posted: 11.16.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Johnson  (11.16.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Appeal.  (Johnson111617bt)  (Posted: 11.16.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Ergott  (11.15.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; request to modify and reconsider sentence; knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently entered guilty plea with plea agreement.  (Ergott111517L)  (Posted: 11.15.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Repella  (11.15.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; ineffective counsel on guilty plea; waiver of issues by withdrawal of guilty plea withdrawal motion and on record claim that this attorney was not ineffective; claims belied by transcript of guilty plea hearing; accomplice liability for theft offenses.  (Repella111517L)  (Posted: 11.15.2017)

next TS Adoption  (11.13.2017Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Adoption:   Petition for involuntary termination of parental rights; incarcerated parent; failure of parent to perform parental duties for a period of time in excess of six months; performance of bare minimum parental duties, before incarceration; minimal efforts to maintain relationship with child, after incarceration, mostly occurring after filing of petition; parent content to allow custodians of child to maintain primary custody of the child and provide her with the financial and emotional support she required; bond between the child and parent.  (AdoptionofTS111317m)  (Posted: 11.15.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Sailor  (11.13.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Motion in limine; proposed expert testimony on the impact of use of marijuana on drivers, to counter police testimony that defendant was unable to drive safely based on observations of a “strong” odor of marijuana, red or bloodshot eyes, his lethargy, and his poor balance; testimony for jury to consider.  (Sailor111317L)  (Posted: 11.13.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Smith  (11.13.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Motion to dismiss; retroactive application of SORNA’s registration provisions; affect of Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision for which a petition for writ of certiorari to the United States Supreme Court has been filed; request for increased bail pending Commonwealth appeal; meritorious reasons to increase defendant’s bail.  (Smith111317L)  (Posted: 11.13.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Brown  (11.13.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Appeal.  (Brown111317bt)  (Posted: 11.13.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Coleman  (11.09.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; false statement included by an affiant in affidavit for a search warrant; materiality of omission from affidavit; totality of the circumstances to find probable cause exists for a warrant to issue; reliability of admissions made against penal interest; sufficiency of information for the issuing authority to find probable cause to issue arrest warrant; relevance of crimen falsi information to the probable cause determination; de minimis discrepancies between what was reported to police and what was reported in affidavit of probable cause.  (Coleman110907bt)  (Posted: 11.13.2017)

next Kuntz Estate  (11.09.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Wills and Estates:   Appeal; exercising equitable powers to benefit innocent party; waiver; information about potential controversy known to party seeking equitable relief.  (Kuntz110917bt)  (Posted: 11.13.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Sailor  (11.05.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Petition to withdraw as counsel and continuance for trial; irreconcilable conflict between counsel and defendant that has caused a breakdown in the attorney/client relationship; testimony to facts that counsel knows are false; substitution of co-counsel to handle the examination of defendant and closing arguments.  (Sailor110517L)  (Posted: 11.05.2017)

next In the interest of BNK  (11.02.2017Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Criminal:   Motion to vacate nolle prosequi; compliance with the juvenile court rules; proper recourse of re-filing the delinquency petition; action taken by assistant district attorney without any request or influence from the court; lack of communication and internal policy violation within district attorney’s office; prejudice.  (InREBNK110217m)  (Posted: 11.05.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Best  (10.31.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Omnibus pretrial motion, nunc pro tunc; timeliness; discretion to hear an untimely motion; interests of justice; absconding as waiver of any right to assert the protection of the law; merits of the suppression motion.  (Best103117L)  (Posted: 11.05.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. DeSciscio  (11.03.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Motion to establish number of prior offenses; Florida convictions for DUI; substantially similar offenses; lesser degree of impairment; exactitude or equivalency.  (DeSciscio110317L)  (Posted: 11.04.2017)

next Nye vs. Shipman; Nye vs. Shipman & Neff  (11.02.2017Judge Richard A. Gray
Civil:   Appeal of non-jury verdict; deed interpretation; credibility of expert opinion; significance of man-made monuments and acreage amounts specified in the deed in the absence of course, distances, metes and bounds or natural monuments; weight given to typeover in article of agreement; unambiguous deed description.  (Nye110217g)  (Posted: 11.04.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Faison  (10.20.2017Judge Richard A. Gray
Criminal:   Appeal; post conviction relief act petition; waiver of issues by decision of defendant not to pursue pretrial motion; reasonable basis to not file suppression motion; probable cause to authorize pen register; contraband in plain view.  (Faison102017g)  (Posted: 11.04.2017)

next Weiser vs. Heckman & South Williamsport Borough  (10.13.2017Judge Richard A. Gray
Civil:   Summary judgment motion; snow plow damaged curb; applicability of streets exception to municipal immunity; secondary liability under the sidewalk exception.  (weiser101317g)  (Posted: 11.04.2017)

next In re: RB, a person alleged to be mentally disabled  (10.12.2017Judge Richard A. Gray
Administrative Appeal:   Review petition; patient suffering from delusional thinking who, without inpatient treatment, was a danger to himself and others.  (In re RB101217g)  (Posted: 11.04.2017)

next Armson vs. Helsel and Pinnacle Baseball, LLC, d/b/a U.S. Elite Baseball  (10.31.2017Judge Dudley N. Anderson
Civil:   Preliminary factual determination; contract interpretation; plain meaning; evidentiary support for factual determinations.  (armson103117a)  (Posted: 11.01.2017)

next C.J.K. Mental Health Expungement Petition  (10.31.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Administrative Appeal:   Petition for expungement of mental health records and/or a petition to restore civil rights; firearm purchase prohibition; involuntary commitment due to use of drugs; review of sufficiency of the evidence upon which commitment was based; patient truly in need of mental health services provided at the time of commitment; due process protections; acts and statements solely the result of controlled substance use.  (InreCJK103117bt)  (Posted: 10.31.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Shaffer  (10.31.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Appeal.  (Shaffer103117bt)  (Posted: 10.31.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Heddings  (10.31.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; eligibility for a Recidivism Risk Reduction Incentive; legality of sentence; after-discovered evidence; burglary conviction not disqualifying an individual from a RRRI sentence; need to file amended petition.  (Heddings103117L)  (Posted: 10.31.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Nottingham  (10.31.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Appeal; defendant's request to bar use of blood evidence or to have it tested, where Commonwealth chose not to use the evidence to prove any crimes; propriety of trial judge overruling an interlocutory order by another judge of the same court; sufficiency of evidence of convictions for multiple assault related crimes.  (Nottingham103117bt)  (Posted: 10.31.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Satterfield  (10.31.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; patently untimely filing; legality of sentence; jurisdiction of the court.  (Satterfield103117bt)  (Posted: 10.31.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Boone  (10.30.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Commonwealth’s motions in limine and to admit statements; evidence of victim's prior convictions for assault related offenses; admissibility of pertinent character that is relevant to the crime or defense; self-defense claim; knowledge of victim’s violent character; evidence of actual conviction of a crime of a violent nature; hearsay rule; admissibility of statement by unavailable declarant made against interest; factors bearing on the reliability of the statements; statements against the declarant’s penal interest.  (Boone103017L)  (Posted: 10.30.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Brown  (10.30.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Request of defendant to plead guilty to some charges in a criminal Information and demand for a trial on remaining charges; inherent authority of the court to ensure fairness in the legal proceedings, promote judicial efficacy and protect against abuse.  (Brown103017L)  (Posted: 10.30.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Foster  (10.30.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; credit for time served; entitlment to duplicate credit.  (Foster103017L)  (Posted: 10.30.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Reem  (10.30.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; knowing, intelligent, and voluntary guilty plea to possession with intent to deliver; denial of offense during guilty plea hearing; requirement that his conditions of supervision relate to rehabilitation or sentence; collateral consequences of guilty plea such as driver’s license suspension.  (reem102017L)  (Posted: 10.30.2017)